Goat Major Projects is the name for a collaborative artist-led project by Richard Higlett and Emma M Price. A project space in the Canton district of Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom, GMP's aim is to focus on curatorial practice and the diverse approaches to exhibiting and displaying artworks that could be sub-divided into 'context' and 'placement'.

In the spring of 2012 GMP opened at 70a Llandaff Road in a building within the Printhaus arts complex, with "Endless Kiss"

The future program will feature a series of invited guest curators who will propose a context and agenda for viewing which will be expanded on through open forum events and dialogues on the nature of curating.

Goat Major Projects also presents as a series off-site presentations through the Don't Shoot The Messenger interventions programme.

About Richard Higlett

Richard Higlett is an artist and curator who works across a range of media. He has shown work nationally and internationally as himself or as his alter-ego Wally French. Other projects include Sound Car a roof mounted speaker system for placing sound art in the public realm, a Song for Jack a canine choir and a series of works that involved acts of folly.

Recent shows include Soundworks at the ICA London. He is an artist member of the Contemporary Art Society. Previously he was a co-founder of Mermaid and Monster, initiated Artists Resource Cardiff now called Art Cardiff and worked as a project manager for Wales at the Venice Biennale in 2009 and following tour of the work by sound artist John Cale.







About Emma M Price

Emma is an independent art consultant based in Cardiff; Wales, her work is in collaborating on a project-by-project basis and brokering curatorial partnerships specialising in art projects in the public realm.
Emma is active in consulting on multi-disciplinary projects and networking, focusing on enhancing links between the visual arts, enterprise and community engagement.
She is a Board Member of Ffotogallery Wales and is a co-founder of Goat Major Projects in Cardiff.