The Project space is independent but located at Printhaus, while works with them on the GMP artists Future Editions programme.





The Printhaus is an arts collective. It houses 15 resident artists and allows its Workshop members the space and freedom of one of the largest print studios in Cardiff. Lead by a core of 5 artists who are proud of the achievements of the place and the sense of community that is growing still. As a not-for-profit organisation that saw its way through having no relief granted from Cardiff City Council and the upheaval of departments in CSAD (Cardiff School of Art & Design) it is an asset to Cardiffs communities to have such a place as The Printhaus. The place is always changing and developing. It has seen a thriving market, a cinema, an exhibition space, a teaching space, host to a local beer festival and print workshop. Their ethos is to encourage the development of social enterprise. It is not a charity or a place to serve any one person, group or organisation. Its purpose is to enable those who have a desire to learn or improve upon new skills and to inspire others to do the same.