GMP will present as part of 'A Welsh Pavilion'

Sluice Art Fair, London 19th & 20th October 2013.

Goat Major Projects

A Return To Stone Tape Theory



Booth: A Welsh Pavilion
Sluice Art Fair, London. 19/20 October 2013.

In 1972, BBC 2 screened The Stone Tape by Nigel kneale as the Christmas Ghost Story. The premise being the very fabric of buildings could absorb and replay back, at a later date, evidence of human activity which had taken place in that location. Stone, bricks and mortar reflecting and recording events like a 4th dimensional magnetic tape. Since this play was transmitted the evidence for such a phenomenon exists all over the world. Prior to 1972, the only evidence of the existence of something like Stone Tape can only be found in a 1952 radio play, 'You Must Listen',  also written by Nigel Kneale.........

For A Welsh Pavilion, Goat Major Projects is working remotely with Good Cop Bad Cop via a 'baby' menhir on a plinth, exploring the sound archive of  artist Travis Townson and presenting a limited Giclee print edition by Ian Watson developed through a process of psychic response with Townson.

A Welsh Pavilion is a shared presence with Mermaid and Monster and Outcasting. 
Visit Major Project is proud to be part of Sluice Art Fair 2013.
Sluice's focus is on artist-led activity; for the 2013 event 37 galleries/projects are participating from UK and beyond.
Sluice Art Fair involves an open-plan and informal display policy. The weekend features a calendar of live events
talks, panel discussions, performances and workshops that are all free.


available through Future Archive on this website 

Limited Edition of 25 print by Ian Watson

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of GMP this edition will be available for £55.00 for a limted period 01/04 to 01/06/14

size H 594mm x W 420mm (A2)
Giclee print on 100% Cotton Rag, Acid Free, 310g paper