Dialogue 7: 6.30pm Thursday 22/08/13 Exotic Crop curator Melissa Hinkin in conversation with Arts Journalist Emma Geliot. 

Dialogue 6: 6pm Wednesday 05/06/13. Mark Durden of Common Culture will discussing their past and recent projects in the context of Tips For Artists at GMP.

Dialogue 5: 3pm Sunday 09/12/12. Lois Williams in conversation with Mike Tooby. Looking at the installation Arcady and how it maps Lois' practice over time.

Performance: Matt Cook 8.30pm 25/10/12 The Witching Hour. Sound Artist Matt Cook performs in the Printhaus Garden, installing speakers amongst the plants as he presents his sonic archive.


Dialogue 4: Gallery Talk7th October 2012 at 2.00pm

Paul Emmanuel in conversation with Richard Higlett. Talking about Scalped and how arts practice is influenced by immediate environment whether urban or rural.

Dialogue 3: Gallery talk 22nd August 2012 at 6.30pm

Mike Murray and curator of Assembled at Home, Richard Higlett will be discussing the ideas and themes behind the current show at GMP. ALL WELCOME.


Dialogue 2: Gallery talk 8th July 2012 at 2pm

Rebecca Glover and curator of Space Invader installation in conversation with GMP's Emma M Price. 



Dialogue 1: Gallery talk 6th May 2012 11am.


http://www.goatmajorprojects.com/GMP Endless Kiss Notes 010412.pdf 

Richard Higlett will be discussing the themes by Endless Kiss, the problematic history of reconstructions in contemporay art and ideas around authorship. The talk will feature a screening of a film of remake of Proun Room from the artists notes which will at as a new datum for the piece. Higlett has avoided seeing any footage before the talk.