GMP will operate a zero hard copy policy whenever possible. Publications and essays will be available on-line and downloadble a PDF's to print off at your discretion. Invitations for private views and events will be through email or other forms of gesture other than by printed matter.

Contact through website for press images

Programme Notes

SHOW 1 Endless Kiss Text Richard Higlett Gallery Handout Endless Kiss Notes 010412.pdf

SHOW 2 Space Invader Text Emma M Price Gallery Handout Invader Rebecca GloverGen Notes GMP.pdf 

SHOW 3 Assembled at Home Text Richard Higlett CYMREIG Gallery Handout major welsh translation mike m.pdf 

SHOW 4 Scalped: Paul Emmanuel. Text by Sarah Gillet Gallery Handout scalped.pdf 

SHOW 5 The Witching Hour Gallery Handout handout.pdf 

SHOW 6 Arcady: Lois Williams. Text by Mike Tooby PENDING